About Us


We’re the Holmes family….and we can’t sit still. God put a fire in us that keeps us moving. We love to travel and see new things. We spend a lot of our time exploring the U.S. from our home base in Georgia, but we get outside the country at least once or twice a year.


The planner, the writer, the cheapskate, the wild hair, the beekeeper, and the officer. – Dominican Republic, Canada, Japan, Germany, Qatar, Mexico


The free-spirit, the inspiration, the momma, the nurse, the homeschool teacher, and the stylist.- Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Japan, Panama, Spain, Qatar


The first, the blue eyes, and the clone of her father. – Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Japan


The second, the brown eyes, and the clone of her mother. – spent all 3 birthdays in a different country

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