Cancun on the Cheap

By the way, Cancun is already cheap, we’ve just got a couple pointers for making it even cheaper. If you’re looking for a cheap vacation or a vacation to just veg and relax, Cancun is your go-to. There’s tons of resorts so that means cheap prices.

We booked our trip through and it was dirt cheap. People don’t believe us when we tell them we only paid $650 per person. Remember, we got this same deal a few months ago when we flew to Cabo? So, what did $650 get us? Uh, nothing much, just 5 days at an all-inclusive resort…AIRFARE INCLUDED! Oh, and Delta direct from Atlanta, no big deal. Hard to believe huh? It’s real and the deals are there all year round.


This trip was for Cara’s 4th birthday, and she has spent the past 3 birthdays in a different country. This time we picked Mexico.


There was a long list of resorts available for this time frame with various prices. We chose Crown Paradise Club resort based off the reviews and the ridiculous kids setup, and we weren’t disappointed.



Food and drinks at almost every hour, multiple bars and restaurants, as well as a buffet with many selections.  You have to make reservations for the restaurants ahead of time. We suggest making these at check-in. The food wasn’t bad but definitely not gourmet. The restaurants we checked out were the steak house, Mexican, and seafood. The seafood restaurant is nice, the Mexican is ok, and the steak house is below par but entertaining; there’s a mechanical bull.



The rooms were really nice and the staff was too. All rooms are located within the two towers facing the ocean. Unfortunately our room was on a lower level, so our view of the ocean was blocked by the buffet building. There are bars and a club for entertaining the adults.


We checked those out a couple times after the girls were asleep and the grandparents stood watch. Meh, they were alright. It really depends on the crowd that’s at the resort during your stay. Cancun brings in people from all over the world. We ran into Canadian, Irish, British, and Australian ever time we turned around. There are shows nightly and they’re somewhat entertaining. Don’t expect Vegas level here.


The beach is nice but no shade unless you can grab a tent before someone else. The water is an awesome kind of blue but the tide was pretty rough for the time we were there.



The excursions and water activities are unlimited. Cancun has been a beach destination for a long time so they’ve got it all. You can swim with dolphins, zip line, kayak, scuba dive, snorkel, swim in underground rivers, etc. You don’t have to leave the resort for water fun though. There are 4 pools on the resort with activities going on all day in the main pool.


For the excursions, we knew what we wanted to do before we even left for Cancun. We wanted to see one of the 7 Wonders of the World….Chichen Itza! This is what led us to renting our own vehicle. Let’s talk about that for a second.

When booking your trip through, they’ll offer airport transportation. It’s expensive! You can rent a car for less.


Just be advised, it takes a little while to get your car but it’s dirt cheap. The car rental company will try to sell you on all the extras and extra coverage. They’ll even try to offer you a bunch of freebies in exchange for listening to a timeshare pitch. That’s up to you and what you can handle. For the car coverage upgrades, just know that a lot of credit cards will cover your collision portion so check with your credit card company beforehand. Another tip, download the offline map for the area on your Google Maps app before you leave. This will help with navigation.

Now, back to Chichen-Itza! A little over 2 hours away from Cancun on a straight and empty highway. Fill up with gas before you leave. We almost ran out! This is one of many Mayan ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula, but Chichen-Itza is the one with a reconstructed pyramid.


This is the most incredible thing we’ve ever seen. What seems like such a primitive culture, the Mayans were astronomy geniuses. During the equinox, the sun casts a shadow on the pyramid that looks like a snake. This snake is called The Enlightened Serpent.


There are many more ruins on site with tour guides available to explain them.




This was our Abuelo’s second trip, so he knew of a backdoor into the site. We parked at Mayaland, a hotel onsite. This hotel was something you’d see in the movies.



They let us park for $33 a person (kids free). This included a lunch buffet and a tour guide. That’s cheap! The buffet was unbelievable and our tour guide was awesome. We were also able to avoid the crowd of tourists that were bussed in from the resorts. We got rained poured on us in the middle of our guide, so we missed out on a lot of information and other sites. That’s going to be our excuse for going back!


So, if you’re torn on where to vacation, but you know you just want to chill out and not spend a lot of money, Cancun should be your top pick. Don’t forget, is your friend.

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