Savannah for a Day

Our most favorite weekend trip! Living just under two hours away, it’s even become a one day or over-night trip for us. We’ve been going to Savannah for years now, and even more after having kids. It’s by far our most favorite Georgia destination. We’ve compiled some must-dos and must-sees for you to experience Savannah to the fullest.

When to Go

We’ve been to Savannah every part of the year and there’s always something to do, no matter the weather. Spring and fall are going to be your best times to go because it won’t be too hot or cold. Our favorite time is Halloween because you get to see so many cool costumes the SCAD students come up with.


Set the Stage

Where you stay is going to depend mostly on what you want to do, but we’ll give you the low down to help you make your choice. We’ll also give you some options that we’re familiar with.

Parking downtown is not too much of an issue, so not a big deal if you stayed on the outside of town to save money and drove in every day. Savannah is not small, but you can walk to most of the major attractions. Bringing a bike is another great option. There are three main roads to be aware of; River Street is the most popular tourist spot, Bay Street is where most of the traffic moves through, and Broughton is where you’ll find all the shopping. There’s also City Market, a two-block size area with constant entertainment.


Where to Stay

If you’re looking for a spot that will put you near the nightlife, there’s two options. The cheap option is the Comfort Suites Historic District. It has great ratings and we’ve stayed there as well. The more costly option, but totally worth it, is The Bohemian. It’s a Marriott hotel, Kessler Collection. It has a roof top bar that overlooks the river. Our favorite spot in Savannah! Both options are on Bay Street and put you within blocks of most of the nightlife, like the famous Wet Willies on River Street or Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos.

As tempting as it looks, the awesome looking Westin across the river isn’t worth it. It’s a $20 cab ride (one way) back over the bridge to downtown. The hotel has a ferry that goes back and forth across the river, but it’s not convenient at all and stops early in the night.

If you want a place with an awesome view of the river, we suggest the Savannah Marriott Riverfront. The service was not best when we stayed, but the view made up for it.


The location of the hotel is within walking distance of downtown but has more lengthy walks than most.

Do you like parks and historic homes?



Then you need to stay at the Mansion on Forsyth Park. This is another Kessler Collection and #2 on our favorite hotels.


It sits right next to Forsyth Park, the largest and coolest park in Savannah. It’s also surrounded by hundreds of historic homes. The Mansion has extravagant décor and incredible rooms.


We stayed here recently and used 40,000 Marriott points for one night. We accumulated these points from our awesome SPG Amex and then transferred them to our Marriott account. The rate for one night would’ve been about $170. Not too bad, but using points and staying for free is better. We chose this hotel over the Bohemian because it has a pool, and we knew our kids would be all over that.


Surprise to us, there’s a complimentary shuttle that will take you back and forth between the Bohemian and the Mansion.


After checking in, we walked out into Forsyth Park and stumbled upon a civil war reenactment. Canon fire and all!



There was also a sidewalk chalk art contest being held by the SCAD students. Always a good time in Savannah!


What to Do

As we suggested in our blog about St. Augustine, take a trolley tour to orient yourself with the city and learn some Savannah history. This will help you figure out where you want to spend more time. Make sure to take a walk down River Street for some souvenir shopping and stop by the many candy stores and get a praline sample.


Roam around City Market and check out the art galleries and other neat shops. Next to City Market is Ellis Square. This is our girls’ favorite park. It has a fountain that shoots out of the ground and there’s always neat people hanging out there. For the best shopping, head over to Broughton Street. Stop by the Savannah Bee Company. Being a family of beekeepers, it’s our favorite place to stop in! There’s tons of parks all over town with monuments and memorials, along with playgrounds and resting areas.



Of course, with the tons of history in Savannah, there are many tours available; trolley, haunted, bar hopping, self-guided, and even scavenger hunts. With the huge influence from the Savannah College of Art and Design, there’s a lot of architecture and creativity around every corner.

If you go during summer, take a ride out to Tybee Island. The public beach is great!

Uber is available, but you can also take a horse-and-carriage ride or catch a pedicab. Our favorite is to rent a scooter. They’re just so fun!

Where to Eat

Where do we start! There’s a lot of great options, but here’s our favorites. Our top pick, Huey’s On the River, sits right on River Street. A very quaint setting and great view through the large windows. Make sure you order the shrimp and grits.


A fun and very popular spot is The Pirate House. This is a great place to take kids.


If you’re out near Tybee, your only option should be the Crab Shack. You’ll get a pile of seafood! If you’re not from the southeast, do yourself a favor and get some Sandfly BBQ. Get the platter so you can try a little bit of everything.


Last, but most definitely not least, while in City Market grab a gigantic slice of pizza from Vinnie Van Go Go’s. Seating is tight, so grab a spot outside to do some people watching. Some noteable mentions; the well-known Paula Deen restaurant, Lady & Sons and the very unique Alligator Soul (exotic meats like kangaroo and ostrich).

Thank you for reading and message us if you have any questions. Feel free to comment with any of your own suggestions.

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